FTM Transition Without Hormones or Surgery

The transgender man on the left has had hormones and surgery, the transgender man on the right has not had hormones or surgery. Many transgender men do not take hormones or have surgery.

An athletic shirt with spandex compression panels over the chest area is used to present a masculine chest.

A suspensory is an open athletic supporter with no leg straps. It is used to hold a silicone prosthesis against the body.

Alternatively, a harness is used to hold a prosthesis against the body.

Another method is to secure the prosthesis with special hypo-allergenic glue.

A silicone prosthesis worn with medical adhesive against the body.

Another view. The medical adhesive stays through showers, swimming and sleeping about three days. The area underneath the prosthesis is shaved first.

These prostheses are used for standing urination.

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